Today is the day…maybe

I have decided that today will be the day I start baking the MS cupcakes….well, maybe.  Where do I start?  At the beginning, you say!  Nah, too easy and I never do things the easy way it’s just, well, too EASY!   So, I thought I would look at the first few selections and see which recipe would NOT require a trip to the grocery store – struck out..every recipe I looked at required a trip.

Okay, I am going about this all wrong.  This is fall, the season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkins (you get the idea!).  But alas, all of the “fallish” recipes also required a trip to my local market.  (As I am sitting here typing this I probably would have had time to make that dreaded trip)

I am off to the market for supplies..which recipe you ask?  Ah, wait and see.  I promise the answer will be SWEET!

Stay tuned…

Sweet Joan


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