My heart belongs to chocolate…

I know that anyone who has read my post from yesterday is on the edge of their seat wondering which cupcake I baked.  Well, I took the easy way out and started with the first cupcake.  I know, I know, boring.  But I was driving myself crazy trying to pick the perfect one.

The first cupcake in Martha’s book is a Chocolate Chip Cupcake.  Before I give my review, here is how I made it: Start with the dry ingredients. Whisk together the cake flour, baking powder and salt.  Then, cream the butter.


This is what the batter looks like after mixing in the sugar, dry ingredients, milk, and vanilla.

The next step is to beat egg whites until stiff peaks form and then fold the egg whites into the batter.  Lastly, fold in chocolate chips that have been tossed with a few tablespoons of cake flour.


Ready for the oven!                                                                                                 Finished!


Before I proceed with the frosting, let me say that while the cupcakes were baking there was no aroma coming from the oven.  I thought this was kind of odd.  When I took the cupcakes out of the oven, I noticed that they were a pleasant light brownish color and rose quite nicely.   But, still no aroma…hmmmm……..

The frosting that was suggested for these cupcakes is a Dark Chocolate still my heart!  (Hence, the title of this post).  Here is what I did:

The ingredients are: Dutch process cocoa, water, butter, a small amount of confectioners’ sugar, pinch of salt and very good quality semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate.

The chocolate has been melted, the cocoa is combined with boiling water, butter is room temperature.

The frosting is very simple to make.  Basically, cream the butter, confectioners’ sugar, and salt.  Add the melted chocolate and dissolved cocoa and beat until smooth.

Here’s a tip:  If you are trying to fill a large piping bag, it helps to use a tall container to hold the bag until you are finished filling.  Here is what I use:

 It’s just a plastic pasta container.  Plastic is important, I broke 2 glass containers before I switched to plastic!

The final step is to pipe the frosting on top of the cupcakes.  I used a Wilton no. 12 tip and I tried to make the swirl look like a chocolate chip.  Here they are:

They do look kind of cute and I sooooo wanted to like them.  Unfortunately, the cake was dense, dry and tasteless 😦  If you tasted the cake without a chocolate chip, it tasted like nothing.  Even the chocolate chips could not save these cupcakes, sorry to say.  I followed the recipe TO THE LETTER, so I am very disappointed with the result.  The frosting was tasty and had a pleasant consistency, albeit a little runny.  I had to refrigerate the frosting for 30 minutes before it would hold up to piping.  In the picture below, you can see that when I cut one of the cupcakes in half it was very crumbly and dry.  Also, despite the fact that I coated the chocolate chips with flour, many of the cupcakes had chocolate chips that sunk to the bottom of the cupcake. Very disheartening.

I have always thought that if something was good, chocolate could only make it better.  No so with these cupcakes unfortunately.  I plan on moving on to the next cupcake, Carrot Cupcakes, but I will revisit the Chocolate Chip cupcakes again and try and improve on them.

Stay tuned.

Sweet Joan


5 thoughts on “My heart belongs to chocolate…

  1. This is wonderful-I am so anxious to read your blogs! I am very disappointed to read about the lack of taste. I love to cook and love to read about food. Looking forward to your next I stall meant!

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