Slight detour on the way to Carrot Cupcakes

I had every intention of baking the Carrot Cupcakes today.  However, this was before I noticed the September selection of the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club.  The flavor for this month is Streusel Cupcakes.  Since I have a fondness for all things made with brown sugar and butter, I was anxious to try it out!

First, I whisked together the dry ingredients; you know, the usual flour, salt, leavening:

Next, I creamed the butter and sugar and added the other wet ingredients:

Bringing all of the ingredients together produced a luscious batter:

Next, I prepared the streusel; flour, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon:

After filling the lined muffin tins with batter, I sprinkled some of the streusel on each cupcake and gently pressed it into the batter.  The final step was to sprinkle the cupcakes with the remaining streusel.

I was slightly concerned with the amount of streusel left over.  It seemed that I only used about half of the amount the recipe called for.  Hmm….. will this be a problem later?

I baked and cooled the cupcakes and topped them with a powdered sugar glaze.

FINALLY, the fun part – TASTING!  They were okay..nothing spectactular.  I did notice that these cupcakes were much moister than the Chocolate Chip Cupcakes.  (I am still working on THAT!)  Also, the texture was more like a cupcake, not dense or heavy.  The problem was lack of flavor.  If you tasted the topping and cupcake together, it was delicious.  However, the cake by itself was tasteless 😦  Now, I am wondering if I should have used a LOT more of the streusel.  How I would have accomplished this, I do not know.  Putting more streusel  on the cupcakes and then pressing it into the cake seems like a bad idea,  i.e., I didn’t want to smash the batter!

So, I guess this will be yet another cupcake I will revisit and try to improve.  For me, that’s where the real fun begins!

Tomorrow, Carrot Cupcakes (I hope!)

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


4 thoughts on “Slight detour on the way to Carrot Cupcakes

  1. Hi Joan! Thanks so much for baking with us! I’ve been a little behind with things since we just completed a cross country move, but hopefully I will catch up soon! I’m going to put your comments into use and layer the streusel in my cupcakes! If you would like to suggest a cupcake for October, just leave a comment ! Also, I am putting up the LINKS post, so leave another comment there with your blog link.



  2. Hi Sweet Joan! Better late than never, but I’m just posting my Streusel Cupcakes! I’ll take your suggestion for the month of October! Thanks so much for baking with us!


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