Sweet Nostalgia

What can I say? I love these cupcakes.  Every bite transforms me back to those wonderful birthday parties we all had as kids.  Simple, delicious cake and creamy frosting that melts in my mouth.  I stayed with Martha’s recipe to the letter, except for the chocolate frosting on some of the cupcakes.  The recipe suggests Fluffy Vanilla Frosting.  I did make this one, but I added a Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream as well.

On to the cupcakes…

First, I creamed the butter and sugar:

 Next, I added a whopping 5 eggs and 3 yolks (hence the color):

Add dry ingredients, buttermilk and vanilla to produce this silky batter:

Here they are after baking:

After cooling, I started on the frosting.  The Fluffy Vanilla buttercream only had 3 ingredients, but I believe the secret to the “fluffiness” is the method.  Basically, butter is creamed and then confectioners’ sugar is added slowly with alternating beater speeds.  I have never used this method before, and I have to say it was very effective.  After adding vanilla extract, it was a fluffy vanilla dream.  The other frosting, an Italian meringue buttercream, is similar to 7-minute frosting and I added about 6 oz. of melted bittersweet chocolate.  But for these cupcakes, the vanilla frosting was the best.

Here they are with frosting and fall-like decorations:













Well, what do you think?  Pretty cute and pretty sweet, too!

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan




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