Crazy for Coconut!

Another day, another cupcake!  This time it’s Coconut Cupcakes.  I was excited to try this one; I think the combination of coconut and creamy icing is delectable!  So, here we go:

In addition to the usual dry ingredients – flour, leavening, etc.,

this time we add some ground shredded coconut.  My mini processor worked great for this:

After whisking together all of the dry ingredients, it was time for the wet ingredients.

I creamed the butter and sugar together:

After adding the rest of the wet ingredients, I added the dry ingredients alternately with unsweetened coconut milk.  This is the result:

The batter was luxurious; I know that sounds like a strange way to describe cake batter but it really was!  And the aroma….oh my!  Heaven!  (Can you tell that I really like coconut?)

After baking, this is the result:

On to the frosting.  The frosting that is suggested for these cupcakes is 7 minute frosting.  Very, very easy.

Put granulated sugar, water and corn syrup in a small saucepan with a candy thermometer:

This mixture needs to be boiled until the thermometer reaches 230 degrees.

Meanwhile, in a standing mixer, whisk egg whites until soft peaks form.  Add sugar, and then slowly pour the hot sugar syrup into the mixer bowl while the mixer is running.  You will need to whisk the mixture in the mixer for approximately 7 minutes (now you know the source of the name) until the mixture is cool (feel the bottom of the mixer).

I piped small mounds onto the cupcakes and then sprinkled them with shaved coconut.  Here they are:

Here is a close up:

The result?  Delicious, yummy, delectable, fabulous… get the idea?   When my husband tasted them he said the best thing was the contrast between the dense and flavorful cake and the light and airy frosting.  I agree.  They were amazing and very easy to make.

I am enjoying my journey through Martha’s book; for those of you who have been following, let me know what you think.  Or, let me know if you have any suggestions for my blog.  I appreciate every one of you!

Next: Red Velvet.

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


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