Gadget Girl Gone Awry

I am a huge fan of cooking gadgets (and alliteration, notice title of post), so when I discover a new one I stop at nothing to add it to my cooking tools.  Such is the case with a new gadget designed to make cake pops easier to produce.  The item is a mold that allows you to just take a ball of dough and press it in the mold and voila! a beautiful cake pop!  I decided that after making hundreds and hundreds of cake pops the hand-molded way, this would be a gadget I could really use.  I had visions of beautiful shaped pops that would be far better than the traditional round ones.

To be fair, the molds worked pretty well.  I began my endeavor in the usual way – I baked a cake, put the pieces  into my stand mixer and mixed until the cake was crumbly:

Next, I added hunks of cream cheese until the mixture held together (I don’t use frosting, I use cream cheese and another flavoring that coincides with the cake pop):


Normally, I freeze this mixture for a while (at least a few hours) and then start rolling balls.  The directions for the molds said to roll LARGE balls immediately after mixing the dough.  I did this, although I had my doubts about how this would turn out.

The directions said to refrigerate the dough balls for 10 minutes (WHAT, only 10 minutes!) and then use the molds to mold cake pop shapes:

According to the cake pop mold directions, the molded cake pops should be refrigerated for 10 minutes (AGAIN, only 10 minutes!!).  I am starting to get a little nervous….. After 10 minutes, per the directions, I can start dipping them.  HUH???? I always insert a stick into the undipped pops that has had the end dipped into chocolate so that the stick will stay in the pop.  No mention of this.  Hmmmm….

Okay, I will follow the rules.  I started melting the chocolate while the cake pops were chilling:

After the chocolate was melted, I noticed that it was somewhat “gloppy” (gloppy=a technical cooking term, meaning not smooth).  I am not sure if I had some inferior chocolate or what but it was not smooth and I was afraid it would not cover well.  I have never had such trouble with dipping was very disheartening.

Here are the cake pops…not a pretty sight.  But hey, making mistakes is how we learn.  Right?

To sum up, I think my cake pop disaster was a combination of mishaps.  The molds worked okay, but the cake pops really need to be firmer to hold up to dipping.  And the’s a mystery to me why it didn’t have the smooth texture I usually get.

Oh, the picture at the top of the post?  I wanted to show everyone that I really do know how to make cake pops!  Today, was just one of those off days I guess.

Coming up: More of Martha’s cupcakes and previews of Halloween cupcakes and, dare I say it, Halloween cake pops.

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


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