Devil’s Food Cupcakes…oh, lead me not into temptation!

For those of you keeping track, I know that I said the next cupcakes would be Rhubarb.  I knew finding rhubarb would not be easy and so I went to the local Sprouts and asked my favorite produce guy if they had any.  He laughed.  I guess he thought it was okay since I am the one who is constantly asking for the REALLY ripe bananas (it’s the best for banana cupcakes), the ripest melons (“I know you have some in the back”), better looking mushrooms, etc. etc.  He said that the only time they can get fresh rhubarb is SOMETIMES in the spring…and then it’s just trucked in from Oregon or someplace.  Oh well, I will have to just wait until I can find it.  So…. on to the next cupcake: Devil’s Food!

As I have mentioned before, chocolate and I have a special relationship. I love it unconditionally.  There is nothing that cannot be made better with the addition of this wondrous ingredient.

This recipe is pretty easy, first add boiling water to dutch-process cocoa and stir until smooth:

After that, whisk together the dry ingredients (have I mentioned that the only time I sift is when the recipe calls for cake flour? Makes your life much easier):

Meanwhile, melt butter and sugar in a saucepan:

After this mixture is melted and smooth, beat until cooled:

After all of the other ingredients are added, here is the batter (very liquid, although in my experience very liquid batters produce wonderfully moist cakes):

Here are the cupcakes ready for the oven, and then out of the oven:

The aroma before and after taking them out of the oven was amazing.  It was a homey, chocolatey aroma that takes me back to the days when I first started baking.  I think I was around 11.  One of my fondest memories of that time was when I made a birthday cake for a favorite uncle of mine. I was so proud and he was thrilled!

The frosting I used for the cupcakes is a Chocolate Ganache..also very easy.  Basically, it is just heavy cream and a good quality bittersweet chocolate.  Here are the cupcakes after the frosting was added:

 Yummmmmmm!  They were moist, delicate and very chocolatey. The cake was rich but not too sweet; the frosting was creamy, delectable and just sweet enough.  All in all, a very good balance.

So go ahead, be sinful.  Treat yourself to this stunning confection!

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


3 thoughts on “Devil’s Food Cupcakes…oh, lead me not into temptation!

  1. I need to see you ASAP…just bring the cupcakes….. Rhubarb was once grown in Cypress near the Costco.i think there is canned and frozen sources too.

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