A Peek into Halloween…

I finally found the time to get started on the Halloween treats I will be selling to benefit our local Youth Center.  I seem to have corrected the problems I had last weekend while using my new cake pop gadget.  Forget the gadget..do what I know.  And guess what, they turned out fine.

The Youth Center Haunted House will not be happening until later in October – obviously THESE treats will not be sold!  These are samples I made so I can figure out how much time to allow when making the goodies.  They came out okay, the eye obviously needs some work.  I might also include a pumpkin cake pop.  What I have noticed is that the creepier and more gruesome the treat, the better the kids like it!

Deciding on which desserts to make is always the toughest part of a project.  Once I have a plan it usually goes pretty well.  Hopefully I will have some Halloween cupcakes to show you next time.   And then, back to Martha!

Here are some more shots of the cake pops:

It would be great if you left a comment and let me know what you think of the cake pops..are there any that I could leave out, something I could add, or????

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


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