Halloween Cupcakes Part 2 (Ghosts and Spiders and Brains – oh my!)

Today I worked on 3 more Halloween cupcakes: a ghost, spider and a gruesome brain.  The supplies were all pretty easy to find, EXCEPT the thin black licorice laces.  OMG…I looked everywhere this morning!  After spending hours searching through every candy store, Target, etc., I finally found them.  The licorice laces are what I used for the spider legs.

But now I have a dilemma.  I do think that the spiders turned out pretty cute, however, they are a pain to make!  I finished the brain and the ghost pretty quickly, but the spider – not so much.  First of all, you have to apply the frosting with an offset spatula, much more time consuming than a pastry bag.  Then, you have to cover the top with black jimmies (makes a huge mess!).  Finally, the notorious licorice laces have to be straightened out and cut one by one.  Geeesh!  I may have to rethink the spider because making them for the Haunted House means I would probably be making 75-100!  But, I spent all morning getting those silly licorice laces…maybe I could find another use for them.  I hope so.  I hate to waste it.

Here are a few more shots of the latest cupcakes…

Next?? Maybe some more Halloween sweets or I may go on to the next Martha cupcake.  Check back and find out!

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan



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