Halloween Cupcakes Part 3 – am I done?

I believe that these are my final designs for this year’s Halloween cupcakes.  I think they turned out pretty cute and (the best part) THEY ARE EASY TO MAKE!   This is an important reason because when I am baking hundreds of cupcakes, timing is crucial.  So, these will be added to the previous days’ designs and now I should have a good variety to sell.

The cake I used for the cupcakes is called Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake…and it IS!  OMG it is scrumptious.  I found the recipe at The Cupcake Project; check out the blog, it has some fantastic recipes.  I plan to devote a blog post about making these cupcakes and also using them as the basis for many of my Halloween cupcakes.

Another picture of the lastest cupcakes:

So, now it’s back to Martha’s cupcakes.  Coming up: Tiramisu cupcakes..oh, and probably some more sweet and spooky Halloween treats.  MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


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