Tiramisu Cupcakes…Delizioso!!

Buon giorno!  It’s great to be back to my original plan for this blog…Martha’s cupcakes.  The Italian dessert, tiramisu, is a favorite here in the US as well as in Europe.  My favorite tiramisu was made by a local Italian restaurant that, unfortunately, is no longer in business.   Whenever I tasted it, the creaminess of the mascarpone along with the tangy Marsala/coffee syrup that soaked into the ladyfingers was a mouth-watering delight.  The cocoa that dusted the top of the dessert was the perfect topper.

But, will these cupcakes live up to the original.  Let’s see…….

First, I whisked together the dry ingredients:

Let me say that the recipe for these cupcakes was a little out of the ordinary, not difficult, but just a lot of steps.

Next I heated milk and a vanilla bean with the seeds scraped out to scalding (look for little bubbles on the side of the pan):

As soon as the milk was scalded, I removed it from the stove, added butter and whisked until the butter melted.

While the milk mixture cooled, I whisked together eggs, egg yolks and sugar.  Then I set the bowl with the egg mixture over a pan of simmering water and whisked by hand until the sugar dissolved and the mixture was warm:

When the egg mixture was ready, I removed it from the heat.  With an electric mixer, I whisked the eggs and sugar until it was fluffy, pale yellow and thick enough to hold a ribbon on the surface for a few seconds when the whisk was lifted.

This is what the egg and sugar mixture looked like when it was thick enough to hold a ribbon:

After this I folded in the dry ingredients and the milk/vanilla/butter mixture to produce this beautiful batter: (notice all of the tasty vanilla beans)

Finally, they were ready for baking.  When they came out of the oven, I brushed the tops with a coffee/marsala syrup:

The frosting that was suggested for the cupcakes was a Mascarpone Frosting (makes sense!)  I tweaked it a bit and added regular cream cheese in addition to the mascarpone.  I also added some whipping cream and whipped the mixture at a high-speed in order to lighten it up a bit.

After tasting, I was not disappointed.  The cake was flavorful and light and had an amazing rich, nutty essence from the coffee and marsala.  The frosting was perfect; tasty, creamy, fluffy-just the right accompaniment.

Here are a few more pictures – oh, the picture in the background is from Tuscany.  Some time, before I die, I want to drink red wine in a vineyard in Tuscany!  Ciao!

By the way, I also made some lemon cupcakes today; also delicious.  I found the recipe at Woodland Dreams.  More about these later.

Here are some pictures:

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


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