Sweet and Scary Stuff

To those of you who are reading this and thinking “again with alliteration??”……get over it.  I love alliteration and I will probably use it.  A lot.

My halloween baking and merry-making is finally over, even though it’s not Halloween yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still be passing out candy and thoroughly enjoying all of the neighborhood kids’ costumes, but for me the hard part is over.  Bittersweet.  I love the creating, the baking, the decorating – but after several weeks of this nonstop baking frenzy I am happy to get back to a calmer pace.  And my blog.  Hopefully in a few days, I will have the next cupcake recipe baked, eaten and evaluated.

In the meantime, here are some pictures showing what I have been up to lately.

My biggest project by far was the annual Haunted House at our local youth center.  It took place over the last 2 weekends and was enjoyed by everyone who attended.  I dressed up as a witch and sold my cupcakes and cake pops.  Here are some of the goodies

I sold the cupcakes and cake pops near the witch’s house – where else?

                The wig was just too much after a while!

I gave the witch a night off every few days!

The theme of the Haunted House was scary movies – oh yeah, pretty scary!

Yesterday, after the Haunted House was over (for me anyway) – I headed over to the Joint Forces Training Base near our home and sold more cupcakes to benefit various nonprofits in our area.  The airplane cookies were included in a gift basket that was raffled off:

All in all, a fun and profitable time for many deserving charities in our town.  I am passionate about supporting kids and our community; hopefully, my efforts will make a small difference.

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


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