More Monkey Business

Roasting brings out the flavor in many foods – nuts, vegetables, fruits for example.  Bananas are no exception…they become even sweeter!  This recipe is called Roasted Banana Cupcakes and in my humble opinion they are fabulous.

Here is how I made them..

First, I roasted ripe bananas in the oven for 15 minutes:

When the bananas came out of the oven – oh, the aroma!!  They look kind of funny but they are delicious in this recipe.

Next, I whisked the dry ingredients together:

Then I separated three eggs:

Time to start mixing everything together..

Butter and sugar are creamed together until light and fluffy:

Add the egg yolks one at a time and mix well:

After the yolks are mixed in, add the cooled and mashed roasted bananas:

The dry ingredients and sour cream were added alternately:

After I added vanilla extract to this mixture, I whisked the egg whites to soft peaks and folded them in:

I filled the cupcake liners, baked them and let them cool:

While the cupcakes were cooling, I assembled the frosting ingredients:

The frosting is a Honey-Cinnamon Buttercream.  I added cream cheese because, well, anything is better with cream cheese.  Delicious..the honey adds a subtle flavor and the cinnamon is just spicy enough.  All in all, a triumph!

Here are some more pictures of the final cupcakes:

These cupcakes were so, so good.  They tasted like a moist, rich banana bread in a cupcake.  And the frosting was perfect.  Another good one, Martha!

Next: Blueberry cupcakes

Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


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