Blueberries-and-Cream…oh yeah!

Ah..blueberries.  Purplish-blue little gems – sweet with just a hint of tartness.  Added to muffins or other confections, they shine.  The contrast of sweet cake and berries is irresistible to me, a true delight.

These cupcakes are called Blueberries and Cream Cupcakes.  How could I resist?

I started by whisking together the dry ingredients.  This recipe called for two types of flour, all-purpose and cake.  My guess is that the cake flour would produce a finer crumb and the result would be a cupcake instead of a muffin.

The butter and sugar were creamed together until pale and fluffy:

Four eggs were added, one at a time:

Vanilla was added in addition to the dry ingredients and milk.  After everything was mixed thoroughly, the blueberries were folded in:

The cupcakes are now ready for the oven.  Here they are after baking:

The aroma was wonderful.  While they cooled, I worked on the frosting.  The recipe called for whipped cream..I changed it up a little.  Whipped cream, although delicious, doesn’t last very long.  And it needs to be refrigerated.  Refrigerating cupcakes is NOT a good idea.  Oh, unless you like dry cupcakes.  I made a whipped cream icing that incorporates a few more ingredients and lasts much longer.

For this frosting, I whipped together cream cheese, granulated sugar, vanilla and almond extracts.  Keep whipping until the mixture is smooth and creamy.  Kind of like this…

The final step is to slowly add whipping cream and keep whipping until stiff peaks form:

Now, the cupcakes are ready to be topped with this delicious frosting and then tasted!








The tasting:  Hmm… they were okay, but not spectacular.  If your cupcake bite included a blueberry, it was very good.  The problem was there were not enough blueberries in the batter. 😦

Another picture of the cupcakes:


I will try these again, but I will definitely use more blueberries.  The whipped cream frosting was delicious and worked well with the blueberries.  Note: Even though this frosting is not traditional whipped cream, I would refrigerate it if the cupcakes are not eaten right away.

Next up: Not sure, it will either be Zucchini Spice or Mocha.


Stay tuned,

Sweet Joan


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